Growatt SP2000

  • Self-consumption
  • Easy to add into Grid-tie installed solar system
  • Internal DC switch
  • Capacity of storage can be expanded
  • RS232/Ethernet/Wi-Fi
  • Comprehensive Growatt warranty program


  • 6.4 kWh gross capacity (usable energy 5.76 kWh)
  • Approved for SMA Sunny Island 3.0M & 4.0M
  • Low weight and integrated handles for transport
  • 10 years warranty LG Chem
  • Possibility of extension up to two additional modules at 3.2 kWh
  • Extensions can be made by separate BMS (battery management system) even after several years
  • The expansion modules indicate your health status on the LED display
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Reliable Li-ion battery
LG Chem Resu


Raylite M-Solar deep cycle batteries are designed specifically for solar power installations and come as a complete 12 Volt set, including interconnecting straps and acid containers. Raylite M-Solar batteries are available from 600 to 1660 Amp Hour capacity (@100h) and come with a 3-year full and a 2-year pro-rata warranty.